Updated May 2017

  • New Course Approval - CCLP/ECP1  
  • Basic Gas Course - Update to Managed Learning Programme
  • KANE 456/457/8 flue gas analyser
  • SMART Metering employment opportunities
  • Reuben Smith voted Chairman of GILG

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Domestic Natural Gas Assessments

ACS Core CCN1 and appliances

We offer the following as re-assessments (or initial assessments for those already holding suitable prior qualifications):

ACS Codes


CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety
CENWAT1 Domestic Gas Fired Central Heating & Water Heaters up to 70kW
HTR1 Domestic Gas Fires and Wall Heaters
CKR1 Domestic Gas Fired Cooking Appliances
DAH1 Domestic Gas Ducted-Air Heaters up to 70kW
MET1 Primary and Secondary Domestic Gas Meters to 6 m/h
CPA1 Combustion Performance Analysis

Refresher training is optional for candidates working towards the core domestic qualification.

Example of a typical domestic re-assessment in CCN1 and three appliances (can include CPA1) is - approximate duration of 4 days and cost of £420.00 plus VAT (assessment only).  ACS assessments are subject to a certification fee, levied by GAS SAFE REGISTER and the certiciation body.  Refresher training is also available at additional cost.

The domestic ACS scheme is a constantly evolving scheme.  We at SWAT Gas pride ourselves on offering a quality training and assessment product, not simply aimed at passing the assessment but also to help the engineer develop and increase his knowledge base to allow for a confident and professional approach when dealing with your customers.

*SWAT Gas is an agent for Kane International and can offer a range of analysers at competitive prices with full support.  Combined Prices for courses and analysers are available.  Kane 455 kit £415.00 plus VAT.  Please call or e-mail for details of equipment and course dates

Please contact us for more information.