Commercial Catering Natural Gas Assessments

The commercial catering natural gas assessments scheme is a constantly evolving scheme. We at SWAT Gas pride ourselves on offering a quality training and assessment product, not simply aimed at passing the assessment but also to help the engineer develop and increase his knowledge base to allow for a confident and professional approach when dealing with your customers.

ACS Core CCCN1, changeover CODC1 and modules

We offer the following as re-assessments (or initial assessments for those already holding suitable prior qualifications):

ACS Codes



Core Commercial Catering Gas Safety


Changeover Core Domestic to Core Commercial Catering


Gas Catering Appliances - Open/Solid Top Ranges


Gas Catering Appliances - Water Boilers


Gas Catering Appliances - Deep Fat and Pressure Fryers


Gas Catering Appliances - Forced Draught Burner Appliances

Refresher training is optional for candidates working towards the core catering qualification.

Course Details

Example of a typical catering re-assessment is – approximate duration of 5 days.

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